Guidelines for Playwrights, Directors and Theatres

Producing a previously unproduced script is a collaborative effort. The playwright, the director and the producing theatre all play an important role in creating a fully realized production. To ensure excellence in the play and to create an atmosphere of understanding,the Board of the Baltimore Playwrights Festival (BPF) has written these guidelines.

Note: Since since many guidelines overlap, please read all sections.

Section I. Playwrights

  1. The playwright will receive sole credit for writing the show.
  2. No changes or edits may be made to the script without prior permission from the playwright.
  3. After the play is selected and the Playwright has approved the Theatre and the Director, they may NOT withdraw the play for any reason, nor have the play produced by any other theatre prior to the closing of the BPF production.
  4. The playwright is strongly encouraged to include in the program on any subsequent productions “This play was first presented by the Baltimore Playwright’s Festival at (Theatre Name) in (Year)”.
  5. The Playwright has right to be involved in the casting of the show.
  6. A Playwright who is not involved in the rehearsal process, should seriously consider any changes that the Director suggests.

Section II. Directors

  1. The Director understands that this is a collaborative effort among him/her/theirself and the Playwright.
  2. The Director will consider the Playwright’s vision for the play, as well as, any notes the Playwright might have.
  3. The Director shall be the only person to give the cast and crew notes. Producers and Playwrights must give any notes regarding the direction to the Director.

Section III Theatres

  1. The theatre must include the following on all posters, advertisements and programs “Produced in association with the Baltimore Playwright Festival”.
  2. The theatre must include in all programs any information that is deemed essential by the BPF Board of Directors.
  3. After theatre selection is finalized, the Theatre may not switch plays or playwrights.
  4. The Theatre agrees to pay all photocopying costs in association with the production including any and all changes to the script.

These guidelines are meant to serve as suggestions for interaction and negotiation between the Playwright, Director and producing Theatre.