BPF Season 39 – 2020 and BPF Season 40 – 2021 performances suspended due to Covid pandemic restrictions

BPF Season 38 – 2019

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun Dates
CrusadeBruce BonafedeRapid Lemon Productions @@ Motor House8/9-8/18
Small House, No SecretsJody Nusholtz and SONiA disappear fear (Sonia Rutstein)BPF @@ Fells Point Corner Theatre3/21-3/31

BPF Season 37 – 2018

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun Dates
ConsentGlennyce LynnSpotlighters Theatre w/BPF8/16-8/26
Unlucky SoldiersRobert GarciaTheatrical Mining Company @ The Downtown Cultural Arts Center8/8-8/23

BPF Season 36 – 2017

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
The Man on the StreetMarilyn BennettFells Point Corner Theatre6/30-7/9 The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
King of the Seventh GradeRich EspeyRapid Lemon Productions @ The Strand Theatre7/13 and 7/17
FalloutLaura KingVagabond Players7/21-30
The Accidental Death of Nelson FritzNoah SchechterTheatrical Mining Company @ The Downtown Cultural Arts Center7/9-8/6

BPF Season 35 – 2016

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
The Room Where I Was HeldDavid ZaxRapid Lemon Productions @ Univ. of Baltimore7/11 and 24
In the ClosetSiegmund FuchsFells Point Corner Theatre7/8-10, 7/15-17The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
Frank TalkSharon GoldnerThe Strand Theatre7/27-31
Crash and BurnBob BowieTheatrical Mining Company @ Fells Point Corner Theatre7/29-31, 8/5-7, 8/12-14
Feeding the FuriesAndrea MarkowitzSpotlighters Theatre8/18-21
(verb) A Play on WordsSeth FreemanStillpointe Theatre8/25-28, 9/8-9

BPF Season 34 – 2015

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
CommanderMario CorreaVagabond Players7/10-7/26The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play Best Production
Saving Myself for Steve MartinAnn V. WixonStrand Theatre Company7/23-8/8
Tying the KnotJames L. Beller, Jr.Fells Point Corner Theatre8/14-8/23

BPF Season 33 – 2014

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Under the Poplar TreesRosemary Frisino TooheyFells Point Corner Theatre8/14-8/31The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play Best Production
Fourteen Days In JulyLewis SchragerTheatrical Mining Company8/15-8/312nd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play 2nd: Best Production
The Soulman’s SoulJoycelyn WallsTheatrical Mining Company8/01-8/103rd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play 3rd: Best Production

BPF Season 32 – 2013

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Sick Stories, Gentle GranddaddyS. Ann JohnsonTheatrical Mining Company7/11-7/283rd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play 3rd: Best Production
The Rainbow PlaysRich EspeyFells Point Corner Theatre7/5-7/28
Countdown to the Happy DayThomas W. StephensHeralds of Hope Theater Company8/9-9/1The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play Best Production
When The Letter Writers Have All DiedTricia SchwabTheatrical Mining Company8/8-8/252nd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play 2nd: Best Production

BPF Season 31 – 2012

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Following SarahRich EspeyFells Point Corner Theater8/3-8/26The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play Best Production
Hired GunMark ScharfTheatrical Mining Company7/12-7/292nd: Best Production 3rd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
The Last Shall Be FirstPercy ThomasHeralds of Hope Theater Company8/10-9/2
Lethal InjectionMichael ReimannVagabond Players7/20-8/5
PassportKevin KosticTheatrical Mining Company8/9-8/262nd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play 3rd: Best Production
ProtestAdam MeyerSpotlighters8/10-8/25
A Good Brain is Hard to FindRebecca WyrickSpotlighters8/10-8/25
ReplayMark ScharfSpotlighters8/10-8/25
Shana UnsettledRonda CoopersteinFells Point Corner Theater8/10-8/25

BPF Season 30 – 2011

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
The SculptressMarilyn MillstoneFells Point Corner Theater7/8-7/313rd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play 3rd: Best Production
Web of DeceitColin RileyRed Branch Theatre Company7/8-7/16
Self, Inc.J-F BibeauTheatrical Mining Company7/14-7/31
Unraveled on the GravelKevin KosticSpotlighters8/4-8/212nd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play 2nd: Best Production
Abraham and IsaacSteve SchulzeTheatrical Mining Company8/11-8/28The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play Best Production
Asking QuestionsNancy MurrayFells Point Corner Theater8/2-8/28
Zulu FitsAlonzo LaMontHeralds of Hope Theater Company8/18-9/4

BPF Season 29 – 2010

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
In the Shadow of LushanKathleen BarberFPCT6/25-7/182nd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
Black WidowsSusan MiddaughTheatrical Mining Company7/8-7/25
CommencementDavid AllynVagabonds7/16-7/253rd: Best Production
ScorpionsMark ScharfFPCT8/6-8/292nd: Best Production 3rd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
HammarskjoldFr. Ronald McKinney, SJSpotlighters8/12-8/29
This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice ThingsKen GrellerTheatrical Mining Company8/12-8/29The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play Best Production

BPF Season 28 – 2009

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
BloodlinesDan BaumFPCT6/18-7/53rd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
TurduckenLisa HodsollTheatrical Mining Company7/16-8/2
G-ManRosemary Frisino TooheyUncommon Voices7/23-8/9The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play 2nd: Best Production
Dancing Without YouRobin RouseCatonsville Theatre Company8/7-8/16
The Ape on the Church StepsJ.M. DinsonTheatrical Mining Company8/13-8/30Best Production 2nd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
Leap DayLee SappersteinSpotlighters8/20-9/63rd: Best Production
Monitors on the QuadJulie LewisSpotlighters8/20-9/6
Imperfect HourMichael StangSpotlighters8/20-9/6
Salt WaterGina YoungSpotlighters8/20-9/6

BPF Season 27 – 2008

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Finding FossilsTy DeMartinoFPCT6/26-7/13Best Production
Jarvis Legend’s Borrowed SkinJulie LewisTheatrical Mining Company6/26-7/13
Keeping FaithMark ScharfChesapeake Arts Center7/17-8/2
Nonstop RealismTim PaggiStrand Theater Company7/17-8/3
TrioJim CaryVagabonds7/18-8/3
PierJoe DennisonVagabonds7/18-8/3
Suckled by WolvesPat MontleyVagabonds7/18-8/3
Foundation and MettleJulie LewisVagabonds7/18-8/3
Graven ImageStephen KilduffUncommon Voices7/24-8/10
Gay DeceiversPS LorioTheatrical Mining Company7/31-8/17The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play 3rd: Best Production
The ‘A’ WordRosemary Frisino TooheyMobtown Players8/1-8/163rd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
Kosher with SalsaMiryam MadrigalFPCT8/14-8/31
Helena TroyRich EspeySpotlighters8/15-8/312nd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play 2nd: Best Production

BPF Season 26 – 2007

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Touch of SpringBen LoganFPCT7/5-7/22
The Blessed Mothers of WarTy DeMartinoTheatrical Mining Company7/6-7/22
Barbie: A Doll HerTerry KenneyUncommon Voices7/26-8/12
PerpendicularJoe DennisonVagabonds7/26-8/5
Last Night at the Owl BarMark ScharfChesapeake Arts Center8/3-8/192nd: Best Production 3rd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
CYAKimberley LynneMobtown Players8/3-8/253rd: Best Production
Almost VermilionSonja KinzerTheatrical Mining Company8/3-8/19
Save MeStefanie ZadravecFPCT8/16-9/2The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
Rudy DooGeorge Purefoy TilsonSpotlighters8/17-9/2Best Production 2nd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play

BPF Season 25 – 2006

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Turn Your Head & KafkaLaura RidgewayRun of the Mill6/22-7/9
Willie BabyJoe Dennison, Carol Weinberg, & Kimberley LynneFPCT6/29-7/23
Memory GardenMark ScharfFPCT6/29-7/23
WildernessMark ScharfFPCT6/29-7/23
Miss Alice PlaysRich EspeyFPCT6/29-7/23
A Modern Pas De DeuxSusan MiddaughVagabonds7/28-8/6
Return of the Fifth SisterKimberley LynneMobtown Players8/4-8/202nd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play 3rd: Best Production
SODMark SquirekMobtown Players8/4-8/20
SplitIra GamermanUncommon Voices8/10-8/27Best Production 3rd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
Hope’s ArborRich EspeySpotlighters8/11-8/27The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play 2nd: Best Production

BPF Season 24 – 2005

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Marginal ManGreg JenkinsMobtown Players6/10 – 6/26
OuchJoe DennisonMobtown Players6/10 – 6/26
Blue MermaidMark ScharfFPCT6/23-7/103rd: Best Production
$40 Million if You Want ItStephen LaRocqueFPCT7/21-8/7
Myron & EvelynDaniel MontVagabonds7/22-8/7
Holidays InJim SheehanRun of the Mill7/22-8/72nd: Best Production 3rd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
SocksRosemary Frisino TooheyRun of the Mill7/22-8/7Best Production 2nd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
Get StuffedMark ScharfSpotlighters8/5-8/27
CorneredRosemary Frisino TooheySpotlighters8/5-8/27The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
The Best Christmas Murder EverRon HolseyUncommon Voices8/11-8/28
Real to ReelC.J. CroweChesapeake Arts Center8/19-8/28

BPF Season 23 – 2004

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Empire’s FallMark ScharfMobtown Players6/10 – 6/27
In My TribeKimberley LynneMobtown Players6/10 – 6/273rd: Best Production
The Throne BuildersPaul BogasUncommon Voices7/8-7/252nd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
Air/IceJoe DennisonFPCT7/15-8/1
A Different Kind of LoveKathleen BarberVagabonds7/23-8/82nd: Best Production 3rd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
Woman on the EdgeRosemary Frisino TooheyChesapeake Arts Center7/30-8/15
The Picture WallsJames YamakawaThe Invisible Theatre Company8/6-8/21
My Play About My WifeJoe DennisonSpotlighters8/6-8/28
The Eyes Have ItEton F. ChurchillSpotlighters8/6-8/28
PartnersPaul BogasFPCT8/19-9/5The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play Best Production

BPF Season 22 – 2003

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Ella’s SongJim Cary, music by Jim EmbergerFPCT6/26 – 7/132nd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play 2nd: Best Production
View Thru Quarter PaneCybele PomeroyChesapeake Center7/10-7/20
Hell, Inc.Steve KlepperSpotlighters7/11-7/263rd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
Ten Reasons Big Betty is Stuck on the Side of the Road in a Little Pink DressP.S. Lorio & Dahlia KaminskyMobtown Players7/11-7/27
Turtle SoupAnne M. LefterUncommon Voices7/17-8/33rd: Best Production
To Get to the Other SideCarol WeinbergGoucher College7/24-27 & 9/5-9/7
Missing PhilPS LorioVagabonds7/25-8/10
For the Return of AlbionMike FieldsChesapeake Center7/31-8/10
TrenchesW.J. GoldieFPCT8/7-8/24
Fifty/FiftyRich EspeySpotlighters9/8-8/23The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play Best Production

BPF Season 21 – 2002

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
The Blue Eye of Robert OppenheimerVictoria DanosFPCT6/20-7/7
The Whispers of SaintsMark ScharfUncommon Voices7/11-7/28The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play Best Production
ConnectionsDevorah NammSpotlighters7/12-7/27
Amanda’s LineKathleen BarberChesapeake Center7/12-7/282nd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play 2nd: Best Production
Short StopsMichael CooksonMobtown Players7/18-8/43rd: Best Production
CannibalsEmilio IasielloVagabonds7/26-8/11
OK, OKGene GatelyFPCT8/1-8/18
Watching Lotus Flowers BlossomChuck SpolerSpotlighters8/2-8/243rd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
A Certain MysteryBrad RogersParagon8/9-8/25
IntersticesKermit FrazierArena Players8/22-8/31

BPF Season 20 – 2001

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Seasons of LoveJim CaryFPCT6/28-7/15
BrothaJ.H. ChapmynSpotlighters7/6-7/28
FreefallMark ScharfUncommon Voices7/19-8/53rd: Best Production
AnthemJoe DennisonUncommon Voices7/19-8/53rd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play
Knees and ToesMichael WrightMobtown Players7/19-8/5
The Day They Left HomeBob RacineDirectors Choice Theater7/26-8/5
Run Past the SunTheodore GrollChesapeake Center7/27-8/5
Why do Men Have NipplesRay HambyVagabonds8/3-8/19
Seafood BuffetRosemary Frisino TooheyFPCT8/9-8/262nd: The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play 2nd: Best Production
Memorial DayChuck SpolerSpotlighters8/10-9/1The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play Best Production
Take TwoRich EspeyDirectors Choice Theater8/16-9/2

BPF Season 19 – 2000

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Dusting BelgradeRonda CoopersteinFPCT7/6-7/25
Up on the RoofSheilah KleimanDirectors Choice Theater7/7-7/23
No RidersMark ScharfDirectors Choice Theater7/7-7/23
Beltway RouletteMark ScharfSpotlighters7/7-7/29
Juanita BloomRonda CoopersteinUncommon Voices7/27-8/13Best Play Best Production
Four Scenes: A Hungarian TrilogyP.S. LorioMobtown Players8/4-8/203rd: Best Production
Animal InstinctsRosemary Frisino TooheySpotlighters8/4-8/263rd: Best Play
Freedom SummerCarol WeinbergVagabonds8/11-8/272nd: Best Play 2nd: Best Production
Ancient GeeksJohn Wallace TeehanFPCT8/17-9/3

BPF Season 18 – 1999

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Peter PandemoniumGloriane GarthSpotlighters6/4-6/26
Women in CollisionGeoffrey BondSpotlighters6/4-6/26
Urban BreakdownsMimi TeehanMobtown Players6/11-6/273rd: Best Production
Rim of the WheelDaphne R. HullDirectors Choice Theater6/11-6/27
SnowGordon PorterfieldFPCT7/1-7/18Best Play Best Production
AquariumJoe DennisonSpotlighters7/9-7/31
For Love of ArtElaine BeardsleyBalto Street Players7/9-7/25
CazKathleen BarberUncommon Voices7/22-8/82nd: Best Play 2nd: Best Production
Falling GraceMark ScharfDirectors Choice Theater8/6-8/22
Keeping the FaithCarol WeinbergSpotlighters8/6-8/283rd: Best Play
Joe PeteJim SizemoreFPCT8/12-8/29
Gladys in WonderlandRosemary Frisino TooheyVagabonds8/15-8/29

BPF Season 17 – 1998

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
CookieJoe DennisonSpotlighters6/5-6/27
Walk like a ManJim CaryFPCT7/2-7/192nd: Best Play 3rd: Best Production
Sounds of SilenceArthur LaupusSpotlighters7/10-8/1
The Bards of ScrantonJohn Wallace TeehanFPCT7/30-8/16Best Play 2nd: Best Production
White on RiceMark ScharfFPCT8/7-8/30
One for the RoadPaul SambolFPCT8/7-8/30
Sex Without PliersRobert Leland TaylorFPCT8/7-8/30
Mean RedsMark ScharfVagabonds8/13-8/30Best Production 3rd: Best Play
Perilous EncountersDelores MoranHoward Theater Co.(DCTC)8/14-8/30
Something Else EntirelyPaul SambolHoward Theater Co.(DCTC)8/14-8/30
The Fever of Warmth and DarknessTim MarksUncommon Voices8/20-9/6

BPF Season 16 – 1997

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Those Strange and Glorious YearsRobert Leland TaylorSpotlighters5/30-6/29
The Blind Man’s ChildrenKathleen BarberFPCT7/3-7/203rd: Best Production
Every Susie and SalCarol WeinbergSpotlighters7/11-8/2Best Play Best Production
The Back RoomMichael A. LeichtFPCT8/7-8/243rd: Best Play
Second Star to the RightMark ScharfSpotlighters8/8-8/30
BreatheMimi TeehanFPCT9/12/-10/122nd: Best Play 2nd: Best Production

BPF Season 15 – 1996

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
The Portable TutweillerGeoffrey BondFPCT7/11-7/28
Saint SylviaNan KirchoffSpotlighters7/12-8/83rd: Best Production 3rd (tie): Best Play
Keeping it AloftJohn MorogielloVagabonds8/2-8/183rd (tie): Best Play
Real TimeMimi TeehanFPCT8/8-8/25Best Play 2nd: Best Production
Chin MusicJoe DennisonSpotlighters8/8-8/24Best Production 2nd: Best Play
Saturday Morning TelevisionJoe ThompsonSpotlighters8/8-8/24

BPF Season 14 – 1995

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Larry’s Resolution ChallangedJohn MorogielloAxis Theater6/30-7/23
Lizard BrainsMark ScharfFPCT7/6-7/23
Blue InterviewJoe DennisonFPCT7/6-7/233rd: Best Play (one act)
Telling the ‘RentsVince LiCataFPCT7/6-7/23Best Play (one act)
The Lady from LondonPeter LevySpotlighters7/7-7/292nd: Best Play (full length)
LemonaidNan KirchoffSpotlighters8/4-8/263rd: Best Play (full length)
Farewell, Mona LisaRobert Leland TaylorVagabonds8/11-8/27
Utopia in the 21stElizabeth Warren WellsVagabonds8/11-8/27
Casting for the 6th Annual Evelyn LeBrun Memorial First Play ContestAl LefcowitzVagabonds8/11-8/272nd: Best Play (one act)
CanadaArnett J. HollowayFPCT8/10-8/27Best Play (full length)

BPF Season 13 – 1994

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Slower DelawareMark ScharfHarbour Theater6/3-6/253rd: Best Play
Silly Putty ManGreg JenkinsVagabonds (@FPCT)6/16-6/26
Now Gotta Be NowMark WalstonVagabonds (@FPCT)6/16-6/263rd (tie): Best Production
From Vision to InheritanceBrian KlassAXIS Theater7/7-7/242nd: Best Play 3rd (tie): Best Production
Listen for the MiracleMary CinnamonSpotlighters7/8-7/30
Billy Would Have Been 30 TodayRobert Leland TaylorAvalon Theater Co7/15-7/31
Abstract PurpleSteve HarperFPCT7/15-7/31
Ghost Play OneSteve SchutzmanFPCT7/15-7/312nd: Best Production
Completely Different Birthing StationsKimberley LynneAXIS Theatre8/4-8/21
To Get to the Other SideCarol WeinbergSpotlighters8/5-8/27Best Play Best Production
Between the LinesBob BowieFPCT8/12-8/28

BPF Season 12 – 1993

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
The Belle of Bourbon StreetGrant CarringtonAvalon Theater Co6/4-6/19
QuackenbushJoe DennisonVagabonds6/18-7/32nd: Best Play 2nd: Best Production
Home to CenterKimberley LynneAxis Theater7/2-7/18
Give Back the LightPatricia PlanteSpotlighters7/9-7/313rd: Best Play 3rd: Best Production
In the GraspPatricia LinHarbour Theater7/16-8/7
Camera ObscuraK. Siobhan WrightAxis Theater8/6-8/22
Rich as CroesusWilliam B. BiddleSpotlighters8/6-8/28
CamisadoKathleen BarberFPCT8/13-9/15Best Play Best Production

BPF Season 11 – 1992

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
The Faith KeepersPatricia LinHarbour Theater6/5-6/27
Brief CandleKimberley LynneVagabonds6/18-7/5Best Play 2nd: Best Production
The Dark EyesKathleen BarberFPCT7/10-7/262nd: Best Play 3rd: Best Production
Mug ShotH. P. AlborelliSpotlighters7/10-8/2
A Very Fine HouseCarol WeinbergAvalon Theater Co7/30-8/9
Albert Einstein Never Sang at the MetMark BermanSpotlighters8/9-9/33rd: Best Play
A Short Simple StayJoe DennisonFPCT8/14-8/30Best Production

BPF Season 10 – 1991

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Hearing TestWilly ConleyVagabonds6/27/7/14
Talk of GodBrian Patrick McCormickVagabonds6/27/7/14
Life in the Last ActRobert DunnVagabonds6/27/7/14
Murder CaseLance WoodsVagabonds7/25-8/11
The Naked House Painting SocietyBob BowieSpotlighters7/12-7/28
Outside the NormGregory JenkinsSpotlighters8/2-8/25
Whistle the DevilKathleen BarberFPCT7/5-7/21
Alley ApplesHerman KemperFPCT8/9-8/25
Twilight, with RosesSally DarnoskyAvalon Theater Co6/14-6/30

BPF Season 9 – 1990

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Circles in the SandRobert and Phillip MachtCockpit in the Court4/27-5/3
WaziriRaymond W. BakerSpotlighters7/13-7/28
John Wilkes Booth: I myself alonePaul GravesVagabonds7/5-7/22
Absurd Person PluralWilliam StanleyHarbour Theater8/9-9/1
The Closest Thing to HomeGrant CarringtonAvalon Theater Co7/27-8/4
The Deep EndChristopher GraybillAvalon Theater Co7/27-8/4
The Gathering RoomArthur LaupusSpotlighters8/3-8/25
Eva’s JourneyLisa SalkovHarbour Theater6/7-7/7
Fountain of YouthVince LiCataVagabonds8/9-8/26
Sunset for a SeagullBob BowieFPCT8/3-8/19
Wild HorseKathleen BarberFPCT6/29-7/15

BPF Season 8 – 1989

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
And Call Me in the MorningNelson SheeleyHarbour Theater
BloodlifeDennis JordanFPCT7/7-7/23
No HavenJim CarySpotlighters7/7-7/29
PlaybackJoe JohnsonVagabonds7/6-7/23
Ain’t No WyomingRobert BowieFPCT8/4-8/20
Le Diable a QuatreJack FournierVagabonds8/3-8/23
Chain GangMatt RamseyVagabonds8/3-8/23
All Partial Evil Universal GoodKenneth F. Hoke-WitherspoonAvalon Theater Co
Willy WonderfulJoe DennisonSpotlighters8/4-8/26
Oh, LouieMike Moran and BrendaSpotlighters8/4-8/26

BPF Season 7 – 1988

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Payments and DebtsMichael WrightFPCT
Metal Mother and the Rust-Proof FactorKathleen BarberSpotlighters7/8-7/30
The HillsAldo TassiVagabonds7/7-7/24
HorseplayThurston GriggsArbutus Theatrical Co8/19-8/28
Killing the BeastRobert BowieSpotlighters8/5-8/27
GamesFran Miles, Herb & Barbara SternHarbour Theater8/5-8/17
Andres (An interview in one act)Christine HohmannVagabonds8/4-8/21
The Dead ArtistLoren FoxVagabonds8/4-8/21
Arrangement of ConvenienceGreg KorenVagabonds8/4-8/21

BPF Season 6 – 1987

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
BOPLee MolarFPCT6/19-7/19
Seed for the PlantingE. ThomalenVagabonds7/9-7/26
Oriole MagicRobert BowieSpotlighters7/10-8/2
The DilemmaDe’Lisa TempleArena Players7/23-8/9
Last Night at Ace HighKenneth F. Hoke-WitherspoonSpotlighters8/7-8/30
Play by Ballad with LoveSteve PrevostoVagabonds8/6-8/23
The Morning After the Night BeforeRick BitzelbergerVagabonds8/6-8/23
Half LifeS. Michael SchnesselVagabonds8/6-8/23

BPF Season 5 – 1986

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
Rabbit TestMichael WrightFells Point
Local TalentJim SizemoreVagabonds
Folley’s QuarterJack FournierSpotlighters
By any Other NameChris Dickerson & Hollis PashenArbutus
REMSAnne G. SjoerdamaCorner Theater
Breeding Will TellLance WoodsVagabonds
Bread WinnerRick GeorgeSpotlighters
Cocktail Party Chit-ChatR.B. JonesArena Players

BPF Season 4 – 1985

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
MonkeysMichael WrightFells Point6/8 – 7/7
Cowboys on the Blithe FrontierGary CorbinArena Players7/5 – 7/14
The DuelHolmes AlexanderVagabonds7/11 – 7/28
AlbertBook & Lyrics by Gregory SeagleBalt Lab Theater7/12 – 7/28
Music by Rebecca Williams
The Rape of a Reasonable ManKathleen LeeSpotlighters7/12 – 8/3
VladDaniel Ray YoungArbutus Theatrical Co7/19 – 8/4
The DissidentBarry Gold, Edward Julien, Dan BuehlFells Point7/27 – 8/23
The Rocking ChairElizabeth Warren WellsVagabonds8/8 – 8/25
I Could Win an Oscar for this PerformanceTim EvansVagabonds8/8 – 8/25
Cecil, Virginia 1864Jim SizemoreCorner Theater8/9 – 8/31
SaunaAnne G. SjoerdamaSpotlighters8/9 – 8/31

BPF Season 3 – 1984

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
The Living EndGeorge GipeFells Point6/23 – 7/22
MarriagesLee DorseySpotlighters7/6 – 7/29
Peanut Butter on ApplesElizabeth Warren WellsVagabonds7/12 – 7/29
Perchance to DreamAldo TassiVagabonds8/9 – 8/26
ShhJoan BonatoCorner Theater8/31 – 9/16
BobbyBill DuvallCorner Theater8/31 – 9/16
A Gentleman from StratfordGrant CarringtonFells Point8/11 – 9/9
Never Prod a HornetF. Scott Black & Robert StoltzfusCockpit in the Court9/14 – 9/16
Jacksey’s LawyerMasha PoliakoffSpotlighters

BPF Season 2 – 1983

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
The MeetingRay HambyFells Point
Another AmarettoTim EvansVagabonds
The Off SeasonH. Jones BakerFells Point
Community PropertyWalter HuberSpotlighters
The Forces of WillCharlie HaegleCorner Theater
Memorial Park LoungeJim CaryCorner Theater
AvalonLinda ChambersCockpit in the Court

BPF Season 1 – 1982

PlayPlaywrightTheatreRun DatesAwards
U.F.O.Thomas B. Moteleone & Grant CarringtonFells Point7/9 – 7/25
SymposiumTim EvansVagabonds6/12 – 7/11
An Arrangement of WordsJoan BonatoCorner Theater7/9 – 8/1
DeadlineChris DickersonFells Point7/31 – 8/29
Card PartyWalter HuberVagabonds8/6 – 8/29