Producing a new play is a collaborative effort. The playwright, director, and producing theatre all play an important part in creating a fully realized production. To ensure excellence in the play, and to create an atmosphere of understanding and cooperation, the Board of the Baltimore Playwright’s Festival (BPF) recommends the playwright, director, and producer apply these guidelines:


  • Receive sole credit for writing the show.
  • After the play is selected, and the playwright has approved the theatre and director, the play may not be withdrawn for any reason.
  • Be involved in the casting and rehearsals of the show, while acknowledging that the director makes all final decisions.
  • Consider any changes suggested by the director.
  • Include the following in the program of any subsequent productions: “This play was first presented by the Baltimore Playwright’s Festival, at [Theatre name] in [Year].”
  • Do not give notes directly to the actors or crew. All notes should be delivered to the director.


  • Understand that this is a collaborative effort with the playwright.
  • Do not change the script without permission of the playwright.
  • Consider the playwright’s vision for the play, as well as any notes the playwright might have.
  • Be the sole person to give cast and crew notes. Producers and playwrights should give any notes regarding the production to the director.


  • Include the following, or similar, on all posters, advertisements, and programs for the production: Produced in association with the Baltimore Playwrights Festival.
  • Include in all programs any information that is deemed essential by the BPF Board of Directors.
  • Honor any discounts or comps offered by the BPF Board of Directors (e.g. BPF members, judges).
  • After play selection is finalized, the theatre may not switch playwrights or plays.
  • Appoint an individual as the play’s producer to serve as the point of contact for the playwright and director.
  • Pay all costs and other incidental expenses (e.g. script copies) associated with the production.
  • Work in concert with the BPF Publicist to promote the production.