Submission period: March 1 through April 30

Only 50 scripts will be accepted. When 50 are received, submissions will close and that will be announced on this website.

The Process

  1. Note that in Spring 2024 the BPF is implementing a new submission-and-reading process. Playwrights and Readers who have participated in earlier years may find some aspects of the process unfamiliar
  2. Go to this page to understand how the festival works.
  3. Read the eligibility and submission guidelines (below).
  4. Click this link to go to the “Log Into Your BPF Account” screen. In order to use it, you will need first to register. If you have already registered as a Reader, you will not need to register as a Playwright, as the system will only require one registration for both activities. Look for this message at the bottom of the Member Interface screen: “Not Registered? Click here to create a Baltimore Playwrights Festival account.” Click on the link provided and fill out the registration form.
  5. Once you are registered, you will not need to do so in future seasons, until and unless you receive further notice.
  6. Return to the “Log Into Your BPF Account” screen and click on “Submit Script For Evaluation.” Follow the instructions to submit your script and associated files like music files.
  7. You will be asked questions to determine your eligibility, and the eligibility of your script.
  8. You will also be asked demographic questions. These questions are asked for statistical purposes only, and your answers will not be shared or affect the consideration of your play in any way.
  9. Pay the $10 submission fee.


  1. This is a local festival: Playwrights must currently reside or work in Maryland or the District of Columbia, or must have maintained their primary domicile, or place of employment, within Maryland or DC for a significant period of time within the last two years.
  • This is a new play festival: Plays cannot have had a staged production at the time of submission. Readings and workshops are not considered productions. If the play receives a production after submission, the playwright must inform the BPF.
  • Only one submission is accepted per Playwright per year.


  • Each script must be anonymous. Please remove any identifying and locating information from title pages, headers & footers. An insufficiently anonymized script will be rejected, with instructions to remedy any anonymization defects.
  • Include in one PDF script document:
    • Title page
    • Synopsis (no more than one-half page in length and on a separate page by itself)
    • Character listing (including gender, age range, and any features such as skin or hair color necessary to the script)
    • Body of Script (with page numbers)
  • Scripts should be in a standard play format. See, for example,


  • If your play is a musical, the script PDF file must include the full lyrics to every song, as well as links to the appropriate music files. See “Other Submission Item Guidelines” below for more information about music files.
  • All scripts must be saved in PDF format and submitted via the online portal available as described above under “The Process.” No snail mail or other methods of submission will be accepted.
  • One act plays should not exceed 60 pages. Full-length plays should not exceed 150 pages. It is recommended that cast size be limited to a maximum of 10 actors. Please state if roles can be doubled or double-cast.

2. Other Submission Item Guidelines

  • Submission Form: Our online Submission Form is available here.
  • Submission Fee: There is a $10 fee for each submission, which is used to help cover the costs of maintaining the Festival. Once you have completed the submission form and uploaded your script, you will be taken to the payment page.
  • Music: Music files should be submitted as mp4, M4a or similar files. When you click the radio button indicating the play is a musical, a drag-and-drop box will appear, and the files can be dragged from your computer into the box. You may also load pdf files of sheet music if you so desire, though these are not required.
  • Residency Document: If you do not specify a Maryland or DC home address, you must submit a document when or how you meets the BPF residency requirement. This can be as simple as a statement citing the dates of your residency in MD or DC. At this time, please email this to [email protected], with your name and the title of the play in the subject line.

Questions? Problems?

Please email the librarian at [email protected].