The purpose of the reader’s evaluation is to provide feedback to the playwright and provide a selection of plays suitable for public readings during the regular season.

Script Ratings

    A script with strong potential, developed to the point that the playwright would benefit from hearing the reading and the following discussion.
    A script with strong potential, but with significant problems that need to be addressed before the playwright will benefit from a reading. Comments should point out both the strong points and the points that need work.
    A script that may not be a play, or needs much more attention from the playwright before the reader can assess the script’s potential. Comments should constructively indicate what the playwright needs to address.

Part One: Analysis

The responses you place on this form will be shared with the playwright. The Yes/No/N/A (Not Applicable) questions at the top of the form are primarily for the benefit of the playwright. 

You are not expected to place comments after each response. Just place them where you think the playwright would find the comments useful. Comments not elicited by the individual questions may be placed in the Other Comments box at the end of the questions. Remember to critique the play and not the playwright.

  1. Does the dialogue fit with the characters? Yes □ No □ N/A □  Comments (optional):
  2. Would you expect the characters to hold the audience’s interest? Yes □ No □ N/A □ Comments (optional): 
  3. Are the characters’ motivations well-delineated?  Yes □  No □  N/A □ Comments (optional):
  4. Does the plot work? Yes □ No □ N/A □ Comments (optional):
  5. In a play that is laid out unusually, for instance in non-chronological order, is the unusual structure productive? Yes □ No □ N/A □ Comments (optional):
  6. If the play seeks to push emotional buttons in its audience, does it succeed? Yes □ No □ N/A □ Comments (optional):
  7. If the play is a comedy or includes funny moments, does the comedy succeed? Yes □ No □ N/A □ Comments (optional):
  8. If the play seeks to make political or social points, is the play dramatically persuasive in that regard?   Yes □ No □ N/A □ Comments (optional):
  9. In a musical, to the extent you can judge it, is the music effective? Yes □ No □ N/A □ Comments (optional):
  10. Do you think audiences will respond positively to the play? Yes □ No □ N/A □ Comments (optional):

Other Comments:

Part Two: Recommendations

Do you recommend that the Baltimore Playwrights Festival offer further development activities to this script at this time? The response “Recommended with reservations” means that you have specific things you would recommend be improved about the play to improve it to “Recommended.” It is expected that if you check “Recommended with reservations” you will answer the final question below.

Recommended □     Recommended with reservations □     Not recommended □

If you are recommending with reservations, please identify the reservations you have, and how those reservations might be overcome. 

The Baltimore Playwrights Festival thanks you for your participation!