BPF Celebrates Board Librarian’s World Premier Production

Jack L.B. Gohn, BPF Librarian and local playwright, will have his work What Was Done receive its premier staging at Baltimore’s Spotlighters Theatre.  The play is directed by Barry Feinstein.

 An anomaly in the land records draws historian Deirdre Kelton deep into what was really done in a 1933 Maryland lynching, and why. What she discovers will raise disquieting conflicts in Deirdre’s own extended biracial family. Characters must make momentous decisions that may tear them apart, as they confront a racial history that started in slavery and has never stopped playing itself out.

A reader who evaluated the play for the Baltimore Playwrights Festival started their comments with: “Wow, just wow.”

See for yourself at Spotlighters, 817 St. Paul Street in Baltimore. Performances are July 14 – July 23, 2023.  Friday & Saturday at 8pm; Sunday at 2pm.

Tickets may be purchased at:  https://www.spotlighters.org/

Come march with the Baltimore Playwrights Festival in the Pride Day Parade on Saturday, June 24th!

Thank you all for your participation in our readings this past spring. We would love to have your participation in the Pride Parade, as we march to show the BPF’s solidarity with the LBGTQ+ community and thereby our support for the vibrant and diverse theatre community of our area.

So come stand shoulder to shoulder with us! Please email me at [email protected] so we know how many to expect. Further details on where to meet and meeting time (the Parade starts at 1pm) will be made available soon, but for now, just let us know your interest!