Arena Players Community Pitch-In: April 14th, 2012

On April 14th, 2012 Arena Players, Inc. will be recruiting 100 volunteers to help us fix and clean up the Playhouse. They are building a new Black box theater on the third floor of our venue, and are presently searching for volunteers and donations of paint. 20 gallons of flat black paint and 20 Gallons of flat white paint are needed. They also need lots of black curtains (legs or otherwise) and various other items (see below.)

Call 410-635-0887 to register as a volunteer or donate.

Additional Items Needed:

  • Steel pipe, 1-1/4" diam. Various lengths to Build a light grid (30×40 feet).
  • Black and White Paint (Or any dark and light color you have in abundance—25-30 gallons of each)
    Pergo/ Laminate flooring (25x50ft)
  • 3 toilets- 1 urinal
    Long Mirrors (Dance/ Body length)
  • Push Bar Security Doors
    Door Closers/ Speed control Devices (8-10)
  • Piping for Pluming—To accompany Toilets (We need older piping—Current installation is incompatible with old piping in the building)
    Windows 2-2/1 by 4ft (7)
  • Fluorescent lights (6) Fluorescent Light Bulbs (40)
    80-120watt Light Bulbs (60)
  • Shelving For Storage/ Props ect…
    Carpet 15×15 (3 office spaces)
  • Large Garbage bins (Plus Recycle bins)
    Curtains/ and or long fabric
  • Drop Ceiling Replacements
    Deep Cleaning Products
  • Gloves
    Nails (1-1/2 to 3-1/4)
  • Screws (1-1/2 to 3-1/4)
    Paint gun(s) Paint rollers, Paint drops, Painters tape
  • Gardening tools
  • 6 and 12ft Ladder(s)

Our Lady of Sandwich, by Mario Baldessari and Keith Bridges, to be produced in Washington, DC

The last weekend of this month, the alumni of the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts (where Mario teaches classes in comedy) will be producing Our Lady of Sandwich, a comedy he wrote with his friend, Keith Bridges. Our Lady of Sandwich had a public reading at the Baltimore Playwrights Festival’s "marathon" session on March 10th.
The play takes place in Sandridge, North Carolina, a small Southern town that finds itself suddenly turned “head-over-Tarheels” when a diner waitress says she and her best friend were visited by the Virgin Mary. The only thing more bizarre than the reported apparitions are the comical events they set into motion around the town – pitting locals against sightseers, Baptists against Catholics, and truth against fiction. The story provides a funny, yet thought-provoking, look at the nature of miracles.

Show times are March 29 @ 8 pm, March 30 @ 8 pm, March 31 @ 3 pm and 8 pm, and April 1 @ 3 pm.

Admission is free, but seating is limited. To reserve seats, call 202-333-2202. (There will be a suggested donation of $10 at some perfs. )

The conservatory is located in Georgetown at 1556 Wisconsin Avenue, NW – inside the Georgetown Lutheran Church at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Volta Place. The entrance to the theater is in the rear of the church. You’ll see the sign when you walk down Volta Place.

Our Lady of Sandwich is directed by Arturo Tolentino and features Christian Beltran, Lynette Franklin¸ Leigh Anna Fry¸ Lily Kerrigan, Julia Nakamoto, Dane C. Petersen, Susan S. Porter, Sarah Pullen and Nancy Viemeister.

Mark Scharf’s “The Whispers of Saints” in New York City

The Oberon Theatre Ensemble will present a staged reading of Mark Scharf’s play The Whispers of Saints on Sunday, March 25th at 7 p.m. at The Lambs (America’s First Professional Theatre Club – est. 1874) located at 3 W. 51st Street, New York City.

The Whispers of Saints won both Best Play and Best Production in the 2002 Baltimore Playwrights Festival.

BPF Alumna Gets Reading at The Strand 3/10/2012

The Baltimore Playwrights Festival is proud to announce that The Chick Files by local playwright Sharon Goldner, will receive an independent reading at 7:00 pm, Saturday, March 10th, at The Strand Theater, as part of their Second Saturday Reading Series. The event is free of charge, and open to the public. There will be a discussion with the playwright following the reading, at which audience members are encouraged to give their feedback.

Then a series of monologues exploring women’s lives, The Chick Files originally received its first public reading as a part of the BPF’s season last year. "The reading I had last year was extremely helpful," Ms. Goldner says. "I rewrote the script from top to bottom based on what a few of the audience members suggested." The play now features characters that interact more with each other in a group therapy setting, allowing the audience a glimpse into their every-day lives.

Born and bred in Baltimore, Sharon Goldner began writing while in high school, and has had over 30 short stories published in literary journals across the country and in England. Switching her focus from short stories to plays within the past few years, Ms. Goldner appreciates the opportunities to hear her plays read afforded to her by the Baltimore Playwrights Festival, and The Strand’s Second Saturday series. "Writing is a very solitary process, and having the opportunity for a reading gives me a sense of accomplishment, like the readers got it, they understood what I was trying to do, the story I was trying to tell. That is worth its weight in gold."

The production will be directed by Miriam Bazensky, award-winning director and Vice Chair of the Baltimore Playwrights Festival, who, since directing the original BPF reading of The Chick Files, has become a great supporter of Ms. Goldner’s work.