Submit a Play

The Process

Please go to this page to see how the festival works.


  • This is a local festival: Playwrights must currently reside or work in Maryland or the District of Columbia or have previously maintained their primary domicile, or place of employment, within Maryland or DC.
  • This is a new play festival: Plays cannot have had a staged production at the time of submission. Readings and workshops are not considered productions. If the play receives a production after submission, the playwright must inform the BPF.
  • Only one submission per playwright per year.

Submission period: April 1 through May 31

Only 60 scripts will be accepted. When 60 are received, submissions will close and that will be announced at this website.

There are two parts to be submitted: emailed script and hard-mailed submission packet with check

1. Script: submitted by email

  • Each script must be anonymous. Please remove any identifying information from title pages, headers & footers.
  • Include in one email attachment:
    • Title page
    • Synopsis (no more than one-half page in length)
    • Character listing (including gender, age range, and any features such as skin or hair color necessary to the script)
    • Setting (place and time)
    • Script (with page number)
  • Standard play script format should be used. Include your name and the play title in the body of the email and attach the script. All scripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), PDF, or RTF format, emailed to the BPF Librarian at [email protected]. Scripts must be submitted online only.
  • One acts should not exceed one hour (50-60 pages). Full-length plays should not exceed two and one-half hours (150 pages). It is recommended that cast size be limited to a maximum of 10 actors. Please state if roles can be double-cast.

2. Submission Packet: hard-mailed, including:

  • Submission Form: Please open one of these forms, download, fill out and print:
  • Submission Fee: A check or money order for $10 made out the Baltimore Playwrights Festival. The fee is used to help cover the cost of maintaining the Festival.
  • Music If your play is a musical or requires music, you must send either an Audio CD, or a CD-ROM, USB Drive or Link to a Dropbox-type online share where MP3 format of the music can be found.
  • Residency Document: If the playwright is not a Maryland or DC resident, a document must be submitted explaining when or how the playwright meets the BPF residency requirement. This can be as simple as a statement citing the dates of your residency in MD or DC.
  • Re-submission Document: If the playwright resubmits a play previously submitted to the BPF, a re-submission document must be included in the packet, listing script revisions and rewrites. Re-submissions must reflect a major rewrite: characters or scenes added or dropped, a new spine for the play, a different theme, etc.
  • Submission Packets and $10 check or money order should be sent to:
Baltimore Playwrights Festival
PO Box 38122
Baltimore, MD. 21231

Questions? Ready to submit? Please email the librarian at [email protected].