BPF Play Development Workshop Readings

The Accidental Death of Nelson Fritz by Noah Schecter

Directed by Joan Weber

On his first day as the head of a small agricultural office, Peter accidentally orders the assassination of Texas rutabaga farmer.

Three Tailors by Raphael Falco

directed by Alan Kreizenbeck

FlorioÍs Fine Italian Clothing Store is in trouble. Mr. Florio has borrowed money from a bookie to pay his suppliers, but when sales fall off he canÍt cover his debt. HeÍs being forced to sell the business to a Korean bridal-wear king, whose wife, Mrs. Kwon, comes to work in the tailorsÍ alcove as a dress designer. She ignites friction between master tailor Pug and junior tailor Eddy, because of EddyÍs role in the deal that brought the Kwons to the store. But Pug also owes money to Artie and heÍs torn between his loyalty to Florio and his desperate need to pay his gambling debts.

Dancing Backwards by John Fiorillo

directed by Mike Moran

Dancing Backwards is a bittersweet comedy that explores how well we understand the consequences of what we think we want when we face the situations life throws at us. It delivers a powerful message to those who may someday need to become a caretaker for someone we love, or who may need to accept care when itÍs offered. These days, that includes just about all of us.

Viktor Belkin, a famous ballet dancer and choreographer, decides to scale back his career and take care of his elderly friend Robert whose wife has died and is getting frail. Robert, however, has no interest in becoming a “permanent houseguest” and turns down the offer. To forestall repeated attempts to “imprison” him, the old man cooks up a scheme involving, Gaia Cassandra (Ellen) Marberry, an avant garde performance artist. After her shocking performances both in front of an audience and in the local public park, Viktor becomes intrigued by the possibility of a joint tour with Ellen. ĂŠWhat no one knows is that Robert has secret he won’t reveal to anyone. As our characters all get in way over their heads, the situation turns from amusing banter to desperate action and endangers the life of one of them.

About the Playwrights

Noah Schecter

Noah is a writer, director, and filmmaker living and working in New York City. Noah served as the assistant director on Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 in NYC and is currently producing and co-directing a short documentary film, Kings of the New City. Noah is a graduate of Williams college and was born and raised in Baltimore, MD.

Raphael Falco

Raphael Falco has been writing plays for many years, but only recently started trying to find venues for them. His one-act play, FrankieÍs Market, received a staged reading at the Quotidian Theatre in Bethesda, Maryland, in May 2012. He is a Professor of English at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. His books include Charisma and Myth (Continuum, 2010), Charismatic Authority in Early Modern English Tragedy (Johns Hopkins UP, 2000), and Conceived Presences: Literary Genealogy in Renaissance England (University of Massachusetts Press, 1994). A Renaissance specialist, his scholarly research wrestles daily, in dubious battle, with his playwriting.

John Fiorillo

Mr. Fiorillo holds a Masters Degree from Brown University and worked as a lighting designer and production manager in New York before moving on to other careers and returning to playwriting in 2002.

His work has been performed in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, Oregon, California, Maryland and London, England. He is the author of ten plays including: Friends With Benefits, presented by Golden Squirrel Productions; The Eighth Deadly Sin, produced by the New Jersey Repertory Company; No Trespassing _ This Land Is Posted, presented by the Triangle Theatre; Italian-American Pie, produced by Polaris North; Moving Day, produced by Plays In Progress and Our Dilemma, produced jointly by the Harrogate Theater in England and Brooklyn College in New York.

Mr. FiorilloÍs full-length play, Immortal Enemies, was a winner of the Ashland New Plays Festival competition and subsequently ran for three weeks at the Darien Performing Arts Center in Connecticut. It has also been presented as a staged reading by the HRC Showcase Theater in Hudson, New York; and at The Actors Studio.

His full-length play, Dancing Backwards, won the W. Keith Hedrick Playwriting Award given by HRC Showcase Theater in Hudson, New York and the Grove Theater New Play Initiative in Burbank, CA. It was also a Finalist in the Dayton FutureFest competition, the Ashland New Plays Festival in Oregon and the PandoraÍs Box Festival in California. Recently, it earned Mr. Fiorillo an award as the Colonial TheaterÍs Promising Playwright of 2012-2013 and was workshopped in Annapolis. It was presented as the winner of the Second Look competition last November at ProctorÍs Theater in Schenectady by Capital Repertory, Albany, NY

Mr. Fiorillo is a Member of the Dramatists Guild of America, the Playwrights and Directors Unit of The Actors Studio and is the Co-Founder of Plays In Progress, a collaborative of theater professionals in the Hudson Valley of New York.

BPF Play Development Workshop Readings

Crossroads Coffee by Stephen Kilduff

Directed by Miriam Bazensky

Patti imagined her coffee shop as a crossroads where arty and intellectualpeople would meet, but what she got was a sleepy hangout for the lonely, thelistless, and the lost. But when Alli walks in one night and turns a few heads,the whole dynamic of the place becomes, well, dynamic.

Corpus Dramatis by Lance Woods

Directed by Rodney Bonds

The manager/director of a struggling playhouse contacts a college friend she hasnÍt seen in 20 years whoÍs an award-winning, recently widowed playwright of thrillers. He provides her with a sure-fire hit and comes out to the playhouse in person to help her mount and promote the play. It would have the ingredients of a terrific reunion except for one problem: this guy isnÍt her college pal. Now sheÍs determined to unmask the ñmystery writerĂź and find out what heÍs done to her true friend (and his late wife) while trying to wrangle her actors & crew, putting on the play and saving her theatre.

The Main Chance by Barry Weinberg

Directed by Percy Thomas

ItÍs Africa. ItÍs now. ItÍs two civil war combatants fighting to become thecountryÍs first elected president against a landscape of intrigue, romance anda fight for U.S. money. Seven people are caught up in a deadly competitionthat will determine the direction of the country for years to come. For all ofthem this is their main chance.

About the Playwrights

Stephen Kilduff

Stephen Kilduff began writing plays in 2004, and the following year he receivedan Individual Artist Award in Playwriting from the Maryland State ArtsCouncil. In 2005 he attended the Sewanee Writers Conference as a participant inthe playwriting seminar, under the direction of Romulus Linney and DaisyFoote. His play Snow on the Stand was produced in August 2006 at the AmericanTheatre of Actors in New York. The Uncurled Hand was named winner of the 2007New Play Festival at Centre Stage South Carolina in Greenville and was producedthere in July 2008. Another play, Graven Image, was produced in the summer of2008 by Uncommon Voices as part of the Baltimore Playwrights Festival. GravenImage was included in the season of staged readings at HRC Showcase Theatre inHudson, New York, in March 2012.

Lance Woods

Lance Woods is no stranger to the Baltimore Playwrights Festival, which has produced two of his comedies: Breeding Will Tell (1986) and Murder Case (1991). While he has missed the excitement of being in the Festival since then, he hasnÍt been idle. In addition to working in the real world as a writer/editor, he has also written, produced & directed short plays for the Cheap Treks comedy troupe (1987-1997); has created & written scripts about ñthe ordinary lives of extraordinary humansĂź for Prometheus Radio TheatreÍs SuperHuman Times (2006-present); and is currently writing the follow-up to his first published novel, Heroic Park (Firebringer Press, 2012). He lives in a situation comedy format outside of Baltimore and thanks the Baltimre Playwrights Festival for this opportunity.

Barry Weinberg

The Main Chance is one of Barry WeinbergÍs three full-length plays, includingEnd Papers and The Caf_ on the Corner. The Main Chance previously had areading at Playwrights Forum, Bethesda, Maryland. In 2013 End Papers won theAmerican Association of Community TheatreÍs NewPlayFest after having beenchosen by, among others, the Baltimore Playwrights Festival in 2011, andworkshopped in 2012 at BaltimoreÍs Theatrical Mining Company; End Papers willbe produced in July 2014 by the Little Theatre of Mechanicsburg, PA. BarryÍsshort play, The Prize, won Theater JÍs 5×5 Festival in Washington, DC, in 2008.He has recently written two 10-minute plays, Bar None and Designing Woman, anda one-act play, ItÍs Your Funeral, all of which had readings at PlaywrightsForum, Bethesda, Maryland, in January 2014. Since he retired in 2000 after 35years as a civil rights lawyer in the U.S. Justice Department, in addition towriting plays, Barry has been an international election observer, and lecturedin Africa, in countries of the former Soviet Union and in the U.S. on electiondispute adjudication. The Second Edition of his book, The Resolution ofElection Disputes, was published in November, 2008. He is a member ofPlaywrights Forum, and the Dramatists Guild of America, and lives in Bethesda,Maryland.

Workshop Reading of In A Yellow Wood

Spotlighters will hold a workshop reading of In A Yellow Wood, by Garry Kluger. This play will be given a full production at Spotlighters in August of 2014.

No tickets required. Donations accepted at the Door to help cover the costs to the theatre.

Synopsis: Jeremy Levin loved three things the most in the world: writing children’s books, his English country home, and his wife Kate. Not necessarily in that order. When Kate suddenly dies in a traffic accident, Jeremy’s life falls to pieces. Brought back to his home in Baltimore by his best friend Stacey, Jeremy is encouraged to seek help in dealing with his wife’s death, something he hasn’t been able to do in the year since she died. As Jeremy enters therapy not only does he start to deal with Kate’s death, he also winds up learning more about his relationships with those he’s been the closest to his whole life—his mother, his sister, and his best friend.

Directed by Stacey Bonds

Jeremy: Jeremy Blaustein
Louise: Kelly Cavanaugh
Stacey: Holly Gibbs
Lucy: Janise Whelan
Dawn: Jenny Hasselbusch
Kate: Laura Weiss

BPF Play Development Workshop Readings

Shelter by Carol Burbank

Directed by Steve Goldklang

Louis and John have been partners for 20 years in a passionate and, in the gaycommunity, legendary, relationship, open to sexual exploration and subject tofrequent explosions because of JohnÍs alcoholism and LouisÍ obsession withpainting the atomic bomb. When Louis develops terminal cancer because of hisexposure to the tests in Nevada, their mutual lover (and LouisÍ agent) Petertries to act as a bridge between them as they struggle with the challenges offacing LouisÍ imminent death and increasing fame, JohnÍs recent and shakysobriety, and the governmentÍs refusal to acknowledge that the cancer wasconnected with the bomb tests.

Goddess of Mercy by Jenny Connell Davis

Directed by Jerry Gietka

In a fast-gentrifying corner of Brooklyn, Kate, Claire and Mike are locked in a battle over sex and real estate. When Mike’s hippie sister flies in from half a world away, and discovers Mike’s ties to a global oil scandal, they soon realize a leaky penthouse is the least of their problems. A (very) dark comedy about personal, corporate, and social responsibility.

In the Bathroom at a Wedding by Timothy Guillot

Directed by Alan Kriezenbeck

Act One, the Men’s Room. Act Two, the Women’s. Both acts happenings at the sametime. In the Bathroom at a Wedding is a darkly comic exploration of love,friendship, betrayal, risotto balls, and the things of which we cannot let go.

About the Playwrights

Carol Burbank

Carol Burbank has been involved in theatre for her whole life, first as anactor, then as a teacher, dramaturg and critic, and now primarily as aplaywright. She earned her MA in Creative Writing from Boston University, andher Ph.D. in Performance Studies (with an emphasis on adapting literature forthe stage) from Northwestern University. She is the President of Storyweaving,a coaching business to support writers, artists and other creatives breakingthrough blocks, finding their voices, and working towards theirgoals. (www.carolburbank.com) Her produced work includes The Making ofAmericans (adapted from Gertrude Stein_s essay), The Twisted Thing ( adaptedfrom a Mickey Spillane novel), and A Hope in the Unseen (adapted with a grantfrom the Maryland Humanities Council from Ron Suskind_s biography of CedricJennings). She is a member of the Washington D.C. Playwright_s Gym, where shedeveloped Shelter. She is grateful and excited to have an opportunity to workwith the Baltimore Playwright_s Workshop.

Jenny Connell Davis

Jenny’s plays have been developed and/or produced with The Playwrights Center(which recently did a workshop of Goddess of Mercy!), ScriptWorks, SPACE atRyder Farm, Ars Nova, NAATCO, Theater MITU, Articulate Theatre, New York Stageand Film, Shrewd Productions, and The Gift Theatre.

She has been a finalist or semi-finalist for the Heideman, PlayPenn, SevenDevils, BAPF, the Nicholl Fellowship and the O’Neill. Jenny is a Core Memberof The Playwrights Center, and a proud alumna ofArs Nova Play Group,UT Austin’s MFA Playwritingprogram,The School at Steppenwolf,the Court Theatre Resident Apprentice program, and The University of Chicago.She is a recent Baltimore transplant, and is thrilled to be part of theBaltimore Playwrights Festival!

Timothy Guillot

Timothy Guillot is a playwright and composer from Washington, DC. His plays andmusicals have been performed all over the country, including New York, LosAngeles, Atlanta, Virginia, Maryland, and DC. He is a previous finalist for theKendeda Graduate Playwriting Competition, the Larry Neal Writers’ Awards, thenuVoices Festival, and a recipient of the Musical Theatre Award from KCACTF. Heis the co-founder of Junesong.

BPF Play Development Workshop Readings

4/4/68 by Sharon Goldner

Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated on 4/4/68. Different cities responded in different ways to this untimely & devastating loss. In Baltimore, Dr. King’s death brought on the Holy Week Uprising, a time of anger, hurt, fear, hatred, looting, and destruction. 4/4/68 looks at two families, one white, and the other black, and how they cope with the impact of this historic upheaval.

Incision by Madeline Leong

Jack has chosen one of the worldÍs most difficult jobs: brain surgery. As his marriage crumbles, he must decide: What will he sacrifice for success?

Bedtime Dialogues – 3 One Act Plays by Dennis S. Martin

Life’s most meaningful dialogues don’t occur in courtrooms or in the hallowed halls of government. More often than not they occur between two people within the private confines of the bedroom. Bedroom Dialogues explores the ins and outs, ups and downs, celebrations and sorrows of everyday life, love and understanding that touches all of our lives.