The Last Shall Be First by Percy Thomas (Season 31 Production)

Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM, Sundays at 3 PM.

Directed by Percy Thomas

The Last Shall Be First tells of the excesses and cruelties of slavery as experienced by a fictionalized character named Monroe. Monroe a self proclaimed preacher, who through a veil of prophecy, mysticism, truth and rebellion leads a small band of slaves to plan their escape from the Potter Plantation. Percy Thomas uses religion, historical accounts of slavery, newspaper clippings from 1831, and the account of the November 4, 1979 Iran hostage crisis, to weave a tale of one manÍs quest to be free.

Percy W. Thomas, SC.D., began his acting career at the Arena Playhouse in Baltimore, Maryland in Ed Bullin’s ñClara’s Ole Man.î He is the founder of the Free Spirit Theater and the Percy Thomas Acting Studio. He has more than twenty years of experience in theater, commercial television and film. Dr. Thomas has appeared in more than 40 staged productions. He has written several plays: Where the Side Walk Cracks (1975), Man on the Mountain (1978), Dreamer of Dreams (1980), Dividing Line (1983), Saggy Pants (2010), and The Last Shall be First (2012). For more information visit

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Actors L-R LaMall Wilson, Jameeka Gillis, rchie Wilson, Nii Amahtey Sampah, Lynne Vickers & Terrell Marcus

Benjamin (Joshua Singer, left) is unmoved by Ezeliel’s words (Richard Peck)

Cherry (Natasha White) and Monroe (Archie Williams) comfort each other

Cherry (Natasha White) serves Jeremiah (Micah Chalmer, center) and Benjamin (Joshua Singer)

Cherry (Natasha White, left) faces off with Samantha (Shanna Babbidge)

Samantha (Shanna Babbidge, left) is served by Cherry (Natasha White)

Shaneika (Jameeka Gillis, left), Zelma (Lynne Vickers, center foreground) & Hercules (Nii Amahtey Sampah) talk to Monroe (Archie Williams)

The Things We Do… (Season 31 Production)

An evening of one-acts, featuring:

  • Protest by Adam Meyer
  • A Good Brain is Hard to Find by Rebecca Wyrick
  • Replay by Mark Scharf

Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM, Sundays at 2 PM

Directed by Lynn Morton


What if someone organizes a protest and no one shows up? When two young activists turn out to be the only attendees at a protest, they find that their interest in each other may be stronger than their dedication to the cause.

A Good Brain is Hard to Find

Child genius Hannah WestÍs life is turned upside down when a stranger comes to town, but is he really a stranger? With a totalitarian government hot on her trail, Hannah tries to unravel the secrets of his criminal pastƒ and must decide how far she will go for love.


Every night at 4:30 a.m., Josh awakens to find Leann silently watching and waiting for another chance to replay how a promising relationship ended stillborn in pride, misunderstanding and miscommunication. As the play unfolds, we come to question if LeannÍs visits are real or if they are only replaying in JoshÍs head. Replay is about the journey from regret and remorse to redemption in our shared struggle to connect to another human being before itÍs too late.

A Good Brain is Hard to Find by Rebecca Wyrick – (L-R) Alexander Scally, Siobhan Beckett, Rachael Lee Rash, C-Mo Molloy

Dr. Hannah West (Siobhan Beckett) doesn’t play by the Council’s rules and is dragged in for questioning in Rebecca Wyrick’s A Good Brain is Hard to Find

Josh (C-Mo Molly) and LeAnn (Rachael Lee Rash) get the chance to say the things they couldn’t in Mark Scharf’s Replay

LeAnn (Rachael Lee Rash) probes Josh (C-Mo Molloy) for secrets in Replay by Mark Scharf

Lizzie (Siobhan Beckett) and Tyler (C-Mo Molloy) show up for an anti-flerbing protest, but end up finding more than they expected in Adam Meyer’s Protest

Lizzie (Siobhan Beckett) and Tyler (C-Mo Molloy) try to convince passer-bys to stop flerbing in Protest by Adam Meyer

Passport by Kevin Kostic (Season 31 Production)

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 8 PM, Sundays at 2 PM.

ItÍs December 27th, 2007 in Kisumu, Kenya. People have taken to the streets to protest the questionable results of the presidential election. Jeff, a humanitarian worker burnt-out from his job and estranged from his wife, finds himself trapped in his hotel room due to the riot occurring outside his window. Hearing screams, he pulls in two Kenyan women who will forever change his life.

Jeff (Mike Ware) embraces his wife Nancy (Claire Bowerman, right)

Kioni (Ama Brown, left) holds off her sister Louisa (Mahoghany Ayot Eerised)

Kioni (Ama Brown, left) wishes her sister Louisa (Mahoghany Ayot Eerised, right) would return to their Kenyan village

Kioni, played by Ama Brown, pleads for her sisters’ lives

Kioni, played by Ama Brown, pleads for the lives of her sisters

Louisa, played by Mahoghany Ayot Eerised, clutches a dress found during the riot

Louisa, played by Mahoghany Ayot Eerised, reaches out for help

Louisa, played by Mahoghany Ayot Eerised, stares down her sister

Nancy, played by Claire Bowerman, worries over her husband_small

The cast of ‘Passport’, (L-R) Nancy (Claire Bowerman), Kioni (Ama Brown), Jeff (Mike Ware), Louisa (Mahoghany Ayot Eerised)

Following Sarah by Rich Espey (Season 31 Production)

Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM, Sundays at 7 PM, plus two Thursday night shows on August 9th and August 23rd.

Directed by Anne Shoemaker

Maddy, Kat and Julia are high-achieveing, super-stressed seniors on the Cross Country team at Thwaite Academy. An email from their former teammate Sarah threatens to push them over the edge. Why? Because Sarah died after winning last yearÍs Cross Country Championship.

Lethal Injection by Michael Reimann (Season 31 Production)

Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM, Sundays at 2 PM.

Directed by Larry Pinker

The audience plays the role of jury in this high impact, high intensity courtroom drama. Two brothers are accused of murdering an intruder in their Texas home. Defense argues shooting an intruder isn’t murder. The prosecution disagrees, but can a motive be established without sacrificing personal and professional ethics. When the gavel sounds, court is in session.

Assistant District Attorney Bryce Toland (Colleen Ayr Hamilton)

Cain Lofton (Lyon Beckwith)

Co-defendant Ty Wellington (Bruce Levy, right) is grilled by District Attorney Dan Fuller (Troy Hopper)

Defense Attorney Robert Wiley (Torberg Tonnessen, left) examines co-defendant Kyle Wellington (Steve Izant, right), while Judge Toffett (Marc Rehr) presides

Defense Attorney Robert Wiley (Torberg Tonnessen, left) speaking to Reporter Salt Chapman (Craig Allen)

District Attorney Dan Fuller (Troy Hopper) cross-examines Laura Wellington (Peggy Friedman)

District Attorney Dan Fuller (Troy Hopper, left) discussed a motion with Judge Toffett (Marc Rehr)

Forensics expert Dr Edgar Bowden (David Chalmers) is sworn in by the Bailiff (Barbara Pinker)