“Hired Gun”, “Following Sarah” and “Passport” Nominated for 2012 BroadwayWorld Baltimore Awards

The Baltimore Playwrights Festival’s 2012 productions of Mark Scharf’s Hired Gun, Rich Espey’s Following Sarah and Kevin Kostic’s Passport have received multiple nominations for the BroadwayWorld Baltimore Awards! You can see all the nominees and vote for the winner here!

Nominations for Hired Gun:

  • Best Actor in a Play (Non-Equity): Rodney Bonds and Tucker Foltz
  • Best Actress in a Play (Non-Equity): Sarah Eberhart
  • Best Direction of a Play or Musical: Stacey Bonds
  • Best Lighting Design: Charlie Danforth
  • Best New Play or Musical: Mark Scharf

Mike Ware, a member of the cast of Hired Gun, was also nominated for his roles in Darwin in Malibu and Cabaret.

Nominations for Following Sarah:

  • Best New Play or Musical: Rich Espey
  • Best Direction of a Play or Musical: Anne Shoemaker

Nomination for Passport:

  • Best New Play or Musical: Kevin Kostic

Winners of the 31st Season Baltimore Playwrights Festival Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the Baltimore Playwrights Festival Awards for season 31:

The Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play

1st Following Sarah Rich Espey
2nd Passport Kevin Kostic
3rd Hired Gun Mark Scharf

Best Production

1st Following Sarah Fells Point Corner Theater
2nd Hired Gun Theatrical Mining Company
3rd Passport Theatrical Mining Company

Read all about it at
MD Theatre Guide

Visible and Real: Declare Yourself Storyteller

Stephanie Durnford is offering free writing classes in her "Guinea Pig" session. For more information visit her web site at http://visibleandreal.wordpress.com/. Her description of the class:

We are all storytellers.

We tell stories about who we think we are. We tell stories about who we want to be. We tell stories about where we’re going.

Visible and Real writing classes aren’t just about writing. They aren’t about being a writer. They aren’t about becoming someone we aren’t. Instead, it’s about seeing our lives and our selves as they truly are. It’s about watching our minds in those quiet moments when we slow down. Incorporating meditation/prayer/silence with writing practice, Visible and Real writing classes are a non-religious dive into what comes out on the page when we simply show up and move out of the way.
Our lives are busy. We don’t create space to see how those stories shape our days, and our relationships, and the way that we live our lives. What would happen if you allowed yourself to see your story? To truly see it and allow yourself to shape the story of your life?

What could you create? Join me to find out.

Another BPF Rave Review: “Following Sarah” at Fells Point Corner Theatre

Amanda Gunther of DC Metro Theatre Arts loved Following Sarah. An excerpt of her review says it all:

Espey’s work is poetic; each of the girl’s creates a strong personality on stage, coming together to form a very solid notion of what life and the pressures of prep school are like. His scenes are nothing short of creative genius, often delving into the subconscious emotions of the characters through imaginative instances; conversations shared with ghostly apparitions or anthropomorphism of a single running shoe. His work is detailed and captivating, drawing the audience into the stories of these girls’ lives. Director Anne Shoemaker does an incredible job of compartmentalizing everything that is happening on the stage.