Upcoming Season 40 readings

BPF has 3 more Zoom readings scheduled. (Links will take you directly to Zoom room on reading day)

June 5 1PM

Ellie by Bruce Bonafede

Ellie centers on two older men — brothers — who are mourning the death of one of their wives. But their mourning escalates into a confrontation that brings their lifelong love-hate relationship to a shattering climax. A play about crime, punishment, and the end of the patriarchy. Directed by Timoth David Copney.


June 19 1PM

The Two of Us by Brad Mendenhall

“Okay?” “Fine!” With those words, Madi and Casey end their lifelong friendship. Two of Us is a two-act comedy about what happens when loved ones disconnect and how different people deal with similar experiences. There is also a conversation with a pineapple, so something for everyone. Directed by Jenna Buzard.


June 26 1PM

Camp Mannuppia: An Alt-Masc Comedy by John Bavoso

In the early aughts, deep in the unspecified woods, there is a summer camp where gender non-traditional, overly theatrical, and borderline agoraphobic teenage boys are taught to become real men… or so their parents think. When two new newbies arrive and turn everything on its head, can they come to terms with each other and their own identities in time to make it out of the forest in one piece?  Directed by Andre Tittle



All readings will be followed by discussion with actors, playwrights and directors.  Readings and discussions will be posted on BPF YouTube channel.