Great Review of “The Rainbow Plays” in City Paper

Bret McCabe of City Paper has published a wonderful review of Fells Point Corner Theatre’s production of Rich Espey’s The Rainbow Plays, playing through this weekend, July 21.

Plays by Espey, who is also an actor and president of the Single Carrot Theatre’s Board of Directors, have appeared in the BPF since 2001, and he’s become—like Joe Dennison, Mark Scharf, and Rosemary Frisino Toohey—a local playwright who’s name is enough to make a theatergoer curious…in brevity Espey explores a kind of ordinary humanism. You just can’t go too deep in a short format, and these plays don’t aim for grandiose statements about the human condition. Instead, Espey allows almost sketch-comedy setups to become snapshots of relationships.