Arena Players Community Pitch-In: April 14th, 2012

On April 14th, 2012 Arena Players, Inc. will be recruiting 100 volunteers to help us fix and clean up the Playhouse. They are building a new Black box theater on the third floor of our venue, and are presently searching for volunteers and donations of paint. 20 gallons of flat black paint and 20 Gallons of flat white paint are needed. They also need lots of black curtains (legs or otherwise) and various other items (see below.)

Call 410-635-0887 to register as a volunteer or donate.

Additional Items Needed:

  • Steel pipe, 1-1/4" diam. Various lengths to Build a light grid (30×40 feet).
  • Black and White Paint (Or any dark and light color you have in abundance—25-30 gallons of each)
    Pergo/ Laminate flooring (25x50ft)
  • 3 toilets- 1 urinal
    Long Mirrors (Dance/ Body length)
  • Push Bar Security Doors
    Door Closers/ Speed control Devices (8-10)
  • Piping for Pluming—To accompany Toilets (We need older piping—Current installation is incompatible with old piping in the building)
    Windows 2-2/1 by 4ft (7)
  • Fluorescent lights (6) Fluorescent Light Bulbs (40)
    80-120watt Light Bulbs (60)
  • Shelving For Storage/ Props ect…
    Carpet 15×15 (3 office spaces)
  • Large Garbage bins (Plus Recycle bins)
    Curtains/ and or long fabric
  • Drop Ceiling Replacements
    Deep Cleaning Products
  • Gloves
    Nails (1-1/2 to 3-1/4)
  • Screws (1-1/2 to 3-1/4)
    Paint gun(s) Paint rollers, Paint drops, Painters tape
  • Gardening tools
  • 6 and 12ft Ladder(s)