New Play Reading ♦ “Boronga Kazi”

Boronga Kazi (Doing the Job Badly) A Comedy of Cultures by George Holets directed by Barry Feinstein A young Tanzanian, en route to Houston to study economics, arrives at the Washington, D.C. bus terminal where his idealized notion of America quickly tarnishes. A blind lady who can see, a crooked cop, and a con game … Read more

New Play Readings ♦ “Lost Souls” and “Another Door Opens”

11:00 am Lost Souls by Jerry Slaff directed by Miriam Bazensky A cold winter’s night brings Frank, a former lawyer and now rabbinic student, to a Spanish Harlem apartment to help the long-time residents stave off eviction. But when he’s invited for a Friday night dinner the centuries-old secrets he discovers will change all of … Read more

POSTPONED New Play Reading ♦ “Fallout” by Laura King

Two damaged strangers take shelter from an unknown menace in a relic from the Cold War. In the claustrophobic confines of a family bomb shelter, Anna and David will have to decide if what is outside is more terrifying than what they are hiding inside themselves. Laura King is an award-winning playwright and member of … Read more