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Saturday, November 21, 2015
10:30 AM
BPF Play Development Workshop Readings

10:30 AM: Crash & Burn by Bob Bowie

Directed by Miriam Bazensky

A Baltimore comedy by veteran playwright Bob Bowie, about two out of luck and out of work bottom feeding, testosterone laced lawyers who attempt to represent Bernie Paidoff, a corrupt hedge fund operator,which embroils the two, their bleach blonde receptionist, a lithium soaked temp cleaning lady, two red Porsches,two interchangeable designer coats with deep pockets, $150 million and a gumshoe with a grudge, in a scam which asks the question-is slapstick a Felony?

1:00 PM: Someone Close to You by Melissa Borgerding

Directed by Mike Moran

Ben has always had a complicated relationship with his free-spirited mother, Helen. However, upon learning of her recent diagnosis, he decides to put the past aside long enough to travel to her off-the-grid homestead in rural New Mexico. With his new wife, Christine, by his side, Ben hopes to convince his estranged mother to seek conventional medical treatment. It won't be an easy task, considering the former flower child's stance against plastics, pharmaceuticals, cell phones, and chemicals of all types. As mother and son clash over Helen's eccentric lifestyle and their own opposing memories of the past, a frightening episode from Ben's childhood is unearthed, causing him to question whether this fragile relationship is worth resuscitating.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015
11:00 AM
BPF Play Development Workshop Readings

11:00 AM: A Dirtbag Airman by Anthony DeLauder

Directed by Kimberley Lynne

There are hundreds of thousands of men and women in the U.S. armed services who deploy each year to various battlegrounds across the world, but Airman First Class Avery Thompson is not one of them. Instead, he works on a nice, albeit slowly decomposing, air base in Germany, surrounded by computer screens and enabling friends. Unfortunately for Thompson, a college dropout struggling with alcohol problems, it's exactly the opposite of the reform he had hoped for when enlisting.

1:00 PM: The Room Where I Was Held by David Zax

Directed by John Wilson

Josh Salazar, a young foreign correspondent, has just survived the harrowing ordeal of being kidnapped by the Taliban. Now that he has returned to rest and recuperate at his home in Maryland, can he convince his traumatized parents of the value of his work abroad, and that I makes sense for him to return to Afghanistan?

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